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A lesbian wife and mother tries her hand at something new. Surely there is a hat that fits out there somewhere!

Ta Da!!! Thursday May 29, 2008

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I have a bike!  I picked it up around lunchtime and hopped right on to start the comfort-building process.  In 2000, I had a bad bike wreck and I’ve haven’t been back on a bike since.  Now that I have shacked up with Miss “I’ve Ridden a Bike Across the Country”, it’s time to get past the fear.  We could have a lot of fun with this… riding downtown to dinner, exploring on vacation, maybe even commuting to work.  Who knows?  I’m leaving the possibilities open.


Summer Camp Monday May 26, 2008

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Can you say “handsome”?  This is Baker, K’s baby who is currently in foster care.  He is quite a handful and as a single woman in a medical residency, she wasn’t able to care for him the way she wanted to.  Sometimes Doggy Day Care just isn’t enough.  So, off to his grandparents he went.  Life is good for this boy.  He has another Viszla to play with, huge fields to run in, miniature horses to irritate and plenty of room on the couch. 

But…. I can’t help but notice that a key variable has changed.  His Mommy is no longer a single Mommy.  Nope, he could have a loving and stable two parent home.  This is a dream that I am currently dreaming alone.  K isn’t sure she’s ready to get him back, the grandparents have grown attached and Gadget KNOWS that his life would not be made better my the addition of another animal.  Certainly not cat-chasing Baker. 

So, I think a little summer vacation is in order.  I’m talking it up and hoping that we can make this happen.  Think of all the photo opportunities!!


Internet Shopping….. NOT my Scene Sunday May 25, 2008

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Ok…. I know that being on the tail end of Generation X means that I should embrace all things internet with open arms, but I don’t.  I just don’t.  I want to be able to look around on websites and get ideas for my wedding dress, but it’s not working.  The wide wide world of web offers many fabulous opportunities,  but shopping is not one of them.  I need to touch things.  To try them on.  To know that this garment actually exists in real life.  I guess it’s a block, but I’m embracing it.

So, after church this AM I am going to the mall.  K is moonlighting and will miss the joy of what is sure to be a pleasant afternoon.  I am being VERY sarcastic here.  I am not a shopper by nature.  In fact, the reason that internet shopping is not my scene is likely bc shopping is not my scene.  But, if I want to look fabulous for my wedding (and I certainly do) then I must shop.  I will likely be chanting “approach, not avoidance” as I drive.  Oh the lessons that yoga has taught me!!


Butterflies at my Feet Tuesday May 20, 2008

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You really just never know.  I’ve spent the last week feeling somewhat out of sorts.  Struggling against a cold that seems to go away and then sneaks right back up on me.  Feeling a little slow and sluggish.  Sneezy and snotty and occasionally snitty.  That pretty much sums it up.  Well, this morning I was determined not to let the bastards get me down.  After generally slugging my way through a night that could have been fun with K (nice long walk after work, pizza on the couch, Six Feet Under, pudding!!) I had had enough. 

So I put on my shoes and headed to the lake.  As a decidely “non-athletic” kind of girl, I am so grateful to K for introducing me to this part of myself.  She has been such a patient supporter of my slow and often bitchy entree into the world of running.  Some would call what I do “jogging”, but I prefer the term “running” because I think I’m pretty fast. 😉 I’ve gotten to the point where this is actually a pleasant and meditative kind of practice for me and today was definitely one of THOSE kinds of days.  The kinds of days when your body feels good and the air feels soft and everything smells earthy and right.  As I was making my way I started to feel lighter somehow.  Still a bit snotty and sore in the shoulders, but more clear.  At some point, I looked down and there was a colorful (herd, gaggle, murder, school??) group of butterflies ringing my feet.  I think some people call that grace.



The Search for Summer Structure Monday May 19, 2008

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It’s an old game at this point, but I never seem to get better at playing it.  Each May when the academic year draws to a close, I stare into the unstructured void that separates May from August and feel more than a little frightened.  Most regular people would love to have three months of open schedule and possibility.  In fact, the summer break is what almost everyone envies about the work life of a teacher.  However, when you (as more than one therapist has phrased it) have strong “obsessive compulsive features” in your personality, you view all of this a little differently.  Instead of stretching before you with relaxed invitation, the open time looms and roars and threatens to swallow you whole.  Not pretty.  Believe me.  I know.

So to avoid the paralysis of “free time”, I’m doing what I always do.  Grasping at the safety of creating a schedule for myself.  Planning.  My great savior.  I  feel less afraid simply typing the word and watching it appear faithfully on the screen.  The first planning step is generating an outline of the goals I have for the summer.  Once this is concrete, I can make a plan.  Yeah…… a plan!



  1. Work on wedding stuff
  2. Daily exercise – consistent yoga and running
  3. Create Intro to Management course – teach it during SU Session II
  4. Write lit review for CCL paper and send to Bill and Donna
  5. Finalize work for online course development
  6. Conduct qualitative interviews with the soc folks
  7. EQ submission (Journal of Vocational Behavior or Emotion?)
  8. Take fiction course
  9. Create on a consistent basis – make it a practice
  10. Maintain this blog



What do you give two very small rock stars??? Saturday May 17, 2008

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Why, their very first pair of pink Converse All Stars of course!!  The mini-stars are technically not born yet, but I am quite sure that when they do arrive they will meet all expectations.  I drove to South Carolina to spend the day with their mommies at a shower.  A close friend of one of the Grandmothers threw a shower at a Presbyterian church.  Yes, you heard that right.  In arguably the most conservative state in the US of A, a lesbian couple can celebrate the upcoming birth of their children in a church.  Who knew?  K could hardly believe it when she saw the invitation.  Unfortunately, she was stuck at the hospital today and wasn’t able to make the trek.  I was SO GLAD to be able to go.  To see my peeps and celebrate with them.   Oh… and to give them the coolest gift at the whole shower.  “Did you see those fabulous little shoes?  Yes, those were from me.” 😉

A lot of driving, but a great day.  Marveling at the size of Laura’s belly, hearing Julie call me “Cupcake”, eating lunch at Laura’s Mamma’s house, playing with Asra in the backyard, doing my duty as gift scribe, and generally having a great Saturday.  Can’t wait  to meet Caroline and Lilly!!!



Hello Blogosphere!

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So… I’m jumping on the bandwagon.  Creating a little space for myself in the blogosphere.   All the cool kids are doin’ it.  Do you think the cool kids call it the “blogosphere”?  Probably not.

I don’t want to set myself up for failure by making any bold statements about the frequency of my posting, but I hope to visit often.  Life feels so busy and exciting right now that I don’t want to forget anything.  Makes me think of Adam Duritz. “Maybe I should snap her up in a butterfly net, pin her down in a photograph album”.  I DO love Adam. 

A current snapshot of the blue sky:

  • Wedding planning with K.  Technically it’s not a wedding as neither the church or the state will recognize our union, but I stubbornly think of it as a wedding.
  • Pending job changes.  Will it be business or will it be psychology?  Will it be tenure-track or non tenure track?  Who knows?  Wish I did.
  • Hobby house hunting.  We aren’t REALLY looking for a house, but we are having lots of fun pretending.  Btw my career status and K’s lack of fellowship clarity, we don’t know where we will be in a few years.  Probably not the best time to put down roots. 
  • Preparing for the “Summer of the Baby”.  Four of our friends are expecting a total of five babies (twins!!) in the next few months.  Babies are the new black.
  • Reveling in my mothers’ recent use of the term “same-sex wedding”.  Go Mom!  My parents came to visit us last weekend and I still feel warm and fuzzy.  We are all getting more comfortable with each other and I am SO grateful for that.