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The Search for Summer Structure Monday May 19, 2008

Filed under: Daily Life — The Professor @ 8:01 pm

It’s an old game at this point, but I never seem to get better at playing it.  Each May when the academic year draws to a close, I stare into the unstructured void that separates May from August and feel more than a little frightened.  Most regular people would love to have three months of open schedule and possibility.  In fact, the summer break is what almost everyone envies about the work life of a teacher.  However, when you (as more than one therapist has phrased it) have strong “obsessive compulsive features” in your personality, you view all of this a little differently.  Instead of stretching before you with relaxed invitation, the open time looms and roars and threatens to swallow you whole.  Not pretty.  Believe me.  I know.

So to avoid the paralysis of “free time”, I’m doing what I always do.  Grasping at the safety of creating a schedule for myself.  Planning.  My great savior.  I  feel less afraid simply typing the word and watching it appear faithfully on the screen.  The first planning step is generating an outline of the goals I have for the summer.  Once this is concrete, I can make a plan.  Yeah…… a plan!



  1. Work on wedding stuff
  2. Daily exercise – consistent yoga and running
  3. Create Intro to Management course – teach it during SU Session II
  4. Write lit review for CCL paper and send to Bill and Donna
  5. Finalize work for online course development
  6. Conduct qualitative interviews with the soc folks
  7. EQ submission (Journal of Vocational Behavior or Emotion?)
  8. Take fiction course
  9. Create on a consistent basis – make it a practice
  10. Maintain this blog



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