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Summer Camp Monday May 26, 2008

Filed under: Daily Life — The Professor @ 3:49 pm

Can you say “handsome”?  This is Baker, K’s baby who is currently in foster care.  He is quite a handful and as a single woman in a medical residency, she wasn’t able to care for him the way she wanted to.  Sometimes Doggy Day Care just isn’t enough.  So, off to his grandparents he went.  Life is good for this boy.  He has another Viszla to play with, huge fields to run in, miniature horses to irritate and plenty of room on the couch. 

But…. I can’t help but notice that a key variable has changed.  His Mommy is no longer a single Mommy.  Nope, he could have a loving and stable two parent home.  This is a dream that I am currently dreaming alone.  K isn’t sure she’s ready to get him back, the grandparents have grown attached and Gadget KNOWS that his life would not be made better my the addition of another animal.  Certainly not cat-chasing Baker. 

So, I think a little summer vacation is in order.  I’m talking it up and hoping that we can make this happen.  Think of all the photo opportunities!!


One Response to “Summer Camp”

  1. Desaray Says:

    very handsome, indeed 🙂

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