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Ta Da!!! Thursday May 29, 2008

Filed under: Daily Life — The Professor @ 8:59 pm


I have a bike!  I picked it up around lunchtime and hopped right on to start the comfort-building process.  In 2000, I had a bad bike wreck and I’ve haven’t been back on a bike since.  Now that I have shacked up with Miss “I’ve Ridden a Bike Across the Country”, it’s time to get past the fear.  We could have a lot of fun with this… riding downtown to dinner, exploring on vacation, maybe even commuting to work.  Who knows?  I’m leaving the possibilities open.


3 Responses to “Ta Da!!!”

  1. Desaray Says:

    I got into a scooter accident in 2005 and got right back on it to drive it home from the impoundment lot:) But now, I really dont think I would get on one. Isnt that funny? But anyway, good luck! Wear a helmet, have insurance, and dont drive during rush hour 🙂 Thats my advice.

  2. nutella Says:

    It’s beautiful. I really ought to get mine out of the garage…..

  3. Desaray Says:

    i’m officially tired of looking at the bike. Post!

    (friendly, lesbian nudge)

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