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There’s No Place Like Home Wednesday June 18, 2008

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Since my last post, I have been on the road.  The summer of the baby has officially commenced.  Three (count em’ THREE) babies have been born and I have met all of them. 

Laura and Julie’s twins arrived first although Laura had the latest due date.  Caroline James and Lily McKenna didn’t let something as silly as a due date stand in their way.  They are still in the NICU, but they are doing great.  They aren’t sick, they just aren’t developmentally ready yet.  Both girls will likely be home sometime in July.  For now, L&J visit them for “kangaroo care” twice a day and Laura pumps like a banshee.  Sounds like that is a full time job.  Comes with quite a nice outfit too….. yikes 😉

Zach and Theresa’s GIRL came on June 6.  Isabella Gianna is absolutely fabulous.  Although she made her appearance while I was somehere between Commerce and Atlanta on 85, I got to hold her just an hour after she was born.  Magic.  I’m hooked.  Little Bella is a star and it’s hard to wait to see her again. 

Given that K has a real job, she wasn’t able to make the trek.  Man, did I wish she was there to experience all of that with me.  These are my best friends and being a part of this moment with them, was super special.  Lots of emotions for everyone.  I missed my girl.  We are planning to visit with everyone in July though, so I guess I can be patient.

The day after I got home from Atlanta, I was due to fly to Kansas City for the annual AP reading.  Nine days of reading and scoring the writing of high school students.  Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it?  Well…. it actually is.  It’s hard to explain to normal people, but the reading is a bit like a family reunion with a bunch a folks that you actually like.  The band camp analogy also works.  Just a bunch of geeks getting together and having a blast.  This year was the best year yet.  Although we’ve been in Daytona Beach in previous years and Kansas City hardly compares, there was something special about this reading. 

After leaving my tenure-track job and moving to a new state, I’ve been a bit unmoored.  Is that a word?  It just came to me.  What I mean is that I’ve been less grounded than usual.  I’m a girl that needs a few close friends.  Two is about the limit, but those two are important.  They make me feel connected and valuable.  I need that.  I’ve got what’s most important (K), but the friend thing is important too.  It helps to make me more whole and better in all the things I do.   So….. I’m explaining this bc I met someone at the reading who felt immediately like someone I’ve known forever.  I love that.  It’s so rare and so valuable.  She lives in the next town over!  Kind of hard to believe that she’s been over there all the time.  I’m absolutely pumped about it.  I’m hoping we can continue building a friendship.

So…. after weeks of being away, I’m back.  Thanks to Deseray for noticing that I was gone.  That damn bike was beginning to get on MY nerves ;).  I’ll be back in a bit to post some baby pictures.


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