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Remember These Guys??? Friday June 27, 2008

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These two little lab rats are serving as our inspiration to kick a*& tmw afternoon in our city’s first ever downtown scavenger hunt.  The event was organized in an effort to educate folks about local history, raise money for downtown revitalization efforts and provide good, clean fun on a Saturday afternoon.  I imagine that providing people with an opportunity to generate costuming ideas was not on the short list for the organizers, but it is certainly at the top of mine.  A costume and it’s not even October?!  Sign me up!!


So we did.  Our team name is Pinky and the Brain.  If you ever watched Animaniacs, you may remember these charming little lab rats.  It seems most consistent with our personalities for the fun-loving, goofy Professor to be Pinky and the cynical, perhaps power hungry (?) Toad to be the Brain.  After learning yesterday that I will be teaching two summer school classes that begin on Monday, I should be prepping for class.  Instead I’m trying to think of the best way for us to express our little rat selves.  That’s way more fun.


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