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Ice Capades Saturday June 28, 2008

Filed under: Daily Life — The Professor @ 10:09 am

You really never know what you’re getting yourself into with another person.  People say this all the time, but there are moments that this truth becomes crystal clear.  This is one of those moments.

As I write this, Toad is sitting in our bathtub surrounded by lots and lots of ice.  Ice that I bought at the BP down the road….. “sure honey, I’ll help”.  While I was enjoying a cup of coffee and a little bit of the Today show, my beloved was touring the town.  On foot.  Fifteen miles of running.  She is just coming back from an injury that has taken her out of the running game for a few months.  However, she has signed up to run this race ( with her brother at the end of next month, so she must prepare.  I guess this is how she prepares. 

Have I mentioned that a naked woman packed in a bathtub filled with ice is a visual that I am not familiar with?  Oh and now she’s asking for the Comet.  I guess once you’re in there you might as well be of some use.  The ice must have melted…..



One Response to “Ice Capades”

  1. theresa Says:

    OY! Sounds like a lot of fun… Tell that woman to take care of herself. She has a niece to meet!

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