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Starr Bright & Agent Hollywood Sunday July 20, 2008

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Have you ever been invited to a murder mystery party?  The wife of one of Toad’s cycling buddies invited us to Margaritaland to celebrate her husbands birthday last night and we had a blast.  She arranged all of the details though an internet business ( that provides all of the support materials (names, roles, story line, objectives for each guest, evidence, etc).  A very cool idea.

A few weeks back we received our roles and costuming suggestions in the mail.  I was cast as Starr Bright – a rising Hollywood star with a drinking problem.  Toad was to be Agent Hollywood – savvy business professional who sees $$ with Starr, but has to work hard to keep her btw the rails.  I was thrilled with the casting choice!  A few days ago we got a newsletter from Margaritaland (a resort) that provided a little info about how things have been going in paradise.  What we learned was that Starr had recently fallen into the pool and was rescued not by Sam the Lifeguard (who was mysteriously missing), but by Jack Daniels, the bartender.  Last night was the resort tiki party and all of the guests (there were about 20 of us) were invited for a BBQ.

 All of the costumes were great and everyone got into their roles.  The birthday boy’s grandparents had been cast as the paparazzi and they stalked me relentlessly all night asking me what I was drinking.  I was desperately in love with Jack Daniels (the bartender) who I trailed throughout the evening while Agent Hollywood talked me up to everyone and tried to ensure I wasn’t drinking.  About halfway through the night, the murder took place and it was Jack.  Found dead in the bathroom.  The party was sealed my Sgt Lord and no one could leave.  Everyone was questioned and it was ultimately revealed that Sam the Lifeguard was to blame. 

What a funny night.  The only pics I have so far are from our pre-party photo shoot.  I hope to have more from the party soon.  Even the dogs had costumes…. 



2 Responses to “Starr Bright & Agent Hollywood”

  1. theresa Says:

    LOVE IT! Looks and sounds like you had a ton of fun! Love the costumes and the looks on both your faces!

  2. Desaray Says:

    is there any fun better than dorky fun?

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