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Oh to be a Cat…… Friday August 29, 2008

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Life has been moving at a pace that is not consistent with blogging.  I hate that.  So…. I’m fighting back.  Grrrrr.

Sure, classes have started and I’m in a new role (Assistant Prof baby!), Toad has a major board exam in about ten days and we’re getting married only a few days after that.  It’s not like anything is going on around here ;).  I’ve decided to start taking my cues from Gadget.  In spite of the rising stress level in the house, he stands strong.  The boy is hellbent on maintaining what Toad likes to call his “rigorous napping schedule”.  He WILL NOT be moved.  “Wedding? Schmedding!” says the boy.  I think he’s onto something.

Ok, a few wedding updates.

  • Rings are here and beautiful
  • The ceremony will be at 6 at the Fellowship.  We have made the decision to broaden the circle a bit and invite a few more folks.  We’re thinking we’ll have about thirty.  It will take place in front of big floor to ceiling windows that overlook a garden.  It’s a lovely spot.  We’re still working on vows and readings.
  • Toad’s suit is only moments from completion.  She has done a few fittings and she’s feeling good about it.  I haven’t seen anything yet, but I know she will be wearing black pants, a black vest and some kind of ivory shirt.
  • My dress has been purchased and is fabulous (it’s royal blue), but I’m going to scan my options one last time this weekend to seal the deal.  Now that she’s wearing ivory, I’m thinking that could be nice.  Decisions, decisions.  Still need shoes (I’m thinking strappy sandals – Toad wants em flat, she’s a mini Toad) and some jewelry.  That needs to be finalized this weekend.
  • We are meeting with the florist on Tuesday and have a pretty good sense of what we’re looking for.
  • Toad’s Mom has agreed to take care of the cake and I’m excited about her ideas.  She’s found a baker in town who does cool box shaped cakes that look like gift boxes.  We’re thinking about three boxes spread out along a central table.  A cool idea.
  • Catering plans are underway and close to final.  We are going with our favorite Sunday afternoon restaurant and I love that!  They have great food and they’ve played a role in our relationship.  We’ve made a lot of big decisions on their couches.

I think we are going to make it!


2 Responses to “Oh to be a Cat……”

  1. strawberry Says:

    Sounds like great progress!!

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