Blue in the Sky

A lesbian wife and mother tries her hand at something new. Surely there is a hat that fits out there somewhere!

You Know Stress Levels are High When…. Monday September 1, 2008

Filed under: Daily Life — The Professor @ 9:33 pm

suddenly everything in your house has a label.  Toad has been on call all weekend and that has meant much work and little wedding task accomplishment or board study.  This afternoon she got home and her pockets were filled with very tiny little labels.  I know you can’t see (in spite of my cropping attempts), but the small white rectangle on Gadget’s dish reads “Gadgets Grub”.  (in case he forgets and suddenly develops the ability to read)  Toad was eager to inform me that between cases she found a label maker and it made her entire weekend.  When life gets out of hand, grab your label maker!  You do have some measure of control after all!!


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