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Guess Who is At My House!!!!! Saturday December 20, 2008

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Since Last Time Friday December 5, 2008

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I  got to see this little turkey at Thanksgiving.  Miss Bella continues to be a star.  She’s working on teeth and generally bein’ cool.  The AM we arrived I came downstairs to find her hard at work in her office.  Well, it’s not actually an office.  It’s more of an excer-saucer, but the girl was busy.  She was not kidding around.  She had things to do.  Clearly.  It was also great fun to see her parents.  We all introduced Toad to The Melting Pot and I think she was into it.  Who wouldn’t love cheese and chocolate and wine?  It was a yummy dinner filled with talk of babies and married life and jobs and….. the realization that we’re all growing up.  We’re not just making plans anymore.  We’re doing it.


We spent the second half of Thanksgiving with Toad’s family.  In an RV.  How funny is that?  There was no room in the house, so they found a friend with an RV who was willing to park it on their property.  We didn’t actually spend Thanksgiving in an RV, we only slept in the RV, but the story is so much better that way.  When we weren’t in the RV we were visiting with everyone, playing with the dogs, eating way too much food, sitting in the hot tub and generally enjoying our first married holiday.  


I have spent the last week in MS.  My Mom had surgery on Monday and I was so glad to be able to be there.  I have alot of trauma about my Mom and hospitals and words like “cancer”, but we made it through.  Together.  That felt good.  She’s still in the hospital, but the doctor thinks she should be ready to go home as soon as tmw.  I hope he’s right.