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2009 – The Year of the B Monday January 12, 2009

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The first day of classes means that 2009 is officially underway.  Sure, the year has given us eleven days already, but those days have been ramp up time.  Getting ready.  Clearing out.  Making room.  Now…’s on!


So far it seems that 2009 will be the year of the B.  Lots of B’s in my world these days.


1. Babies

Toad and I have MAJOR baby fever.  It’s pretty serious.  In fact it has been brought to my attention that I blogged almost exclusively about my niece during the last few months of the year.  So, yeah maybe that is a bit obsessive, but it’s also a fair representation of my world.  We see them everywhere and we talk about them way too much.  Babies in general, our friends’ babies, and of course our future baby/babies.   The talk around our future little people has grown less theoretical and more actual in the last few months.  We’re not talking abstractly about maybe or wouldn’t it be great, we’re talking timetables and sperm donors.  It’s all pretty exciting. 


2. Baker


I found out this AM that Toad has been working her behind the scenes magic to bring Baker back home to his Mom.  We will be going to Toad’s parents house this weekend to pick him up.  I am absolutely THRILLED about this!!  He will be joining us on a rent to own kind of basis.  We’ve got to make sure that we can take care of him the way we want to and that he and Gadget find a way to coexist in the same house.  I am optimistic on both fronts, but feel good that if things don’t work the way they need to, the grandparents are willing to take him back.  Toad and her Mom had planned to surprise me this weekend with something along the lines of Baker with a big red bow around his neck when we arrived.  However, she decided this AM that something as significant as getting a dog is probably something that she should run by me.  Of course, she knew I would be all for it and I definitely am. 





3. Bikram

This is probably the strangest development of the year so far.  I love Bikram Yoga!  In fact, I have joined a studio.  What this means is that I have shelled out a significant amount of money to sweat for an hour and half in a room heated to 105 degrees while I push at the edges of my flexibility and balance, focus on my breathing and try really hard not to die.  I don’t have anything too articulate to say about the experience yet beyond, I’m in.  I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid.  Sold.  Sign me up….hey, I already did that!


4. Blogging

Hey why not.  Maybe 2009 is the year that all of my consistent blogging dreams come true.  It could happen.


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