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It’s Almost Like He Knows Tuesday January 13, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — The Professor @ 6:49 pm

I’m pretty sure that Gadget is on to us.  He knows that he will be soon be de-throned.  It’s that or he has suddenly reverted to his horribly obnoxious kitten behavior for some other reason.  The whole thing is weird.  Everyone has been wowed by Gadget’s stellar behavior in the last few months.  Even my Dad agreed that the boy had calmed down a bit.  In fact, when Z&T were in town for Christmas, Gadget practically rolled out the red carpet for Kharma.  That poor dog has been on Gadget’s hit list for years and there were moments during their visit that the animals were downright friendly.  It was almost creepy.


But now, Bad Gadget has returned.  He runs out the door every time it is opened.  He threw his whole body at me and attached himself to my side with his claws while I was folding clothes a few days ago.  I can’t remember the last time that particular trick was demonstrated.  He’s batting at both of us much more than usual and generally maintaining a vague air of hostility.  Yes, a cat is capable of communicating hostility.  So, maybe he knows.    Poor guy.


One Response to “It’s Almost Like He Knows”

  1. theresa Says:

    he knows alright. hope baker doesn’t eat him

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