Blue in the Sky

A lesbian wife and mother tries her hand at something new. Surely there is a hat that fits out there somewhere!

And Baker Makes Four Monday January 19, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — The Professor @ 9:17 pm

Although if you were here right now, you would have absolutely no idea that we have a cat.  Gadget has not been on the main floor since about the time we arrived late yesterday afternoon.  He has decided to take up residency in the basement.  Far, far away from the loud, lumbering beast that is currently snoozing on HIS BED!  After reading lots of helpful information on the internet about introducing a dog to a resident cat (I love the language there – I picture Gadget in a white coat and a stethoscope), we put Baker in his crate and brought Gadget upstairs to sniff around in safety.  “Ahhhhh hell naw” is what Gadget had to say about that.  Once he realized what was going on, he was just a black streak headed for the basement.  It’s official, at the end of day one Gadget is pissed.


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