Blue in the Sky

A lesbian wife and mother tries her hand at something new. Surely there is a hat that fits out there somewhere!

Ask and You Shall Receive Tuesday August 4, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — The Professor @ 7:00 pm

The universe provided me with something to occupy my mind this afternoon in the form of a police officer at the front door.  Wha????  Well, it looks like our house is in foreclosure.  The house that we RENT I should add.  This is crazy.  I’ve always wondered about our landlords, but I assumed they were paying the mortgage……  I guess that’s what I get for making assumptions.  Unbelivable.  Sounds like we might be moving soon.


3 Responses to “Ask and You Shall Receive”

  1. knotsodifferent Says:

    Good luck! (That sucks…) Sorry. May it all work out easily…

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