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The Last Hurrah of Summer Tuesday August 18, 2009

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picture 067

These are the two ladies who shared my last summer hurrah.  I got back home late Saturday night and I’m still blissed out from the whole thing. 


First, there is Miss Bella.  I got to spend two whole days with this girl.  Her Mom and Dad went to work and we stayed home and played.  Hard.  We talked about what puppies say and wagged our fingers so “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”.  We got an impressive amount of mileage from the hilarity of a sneeze and even baked strawberry muffins. Bella is just so much fun.  A curious, funny, happy girl.  Grateful for the two days I got with her.


Then, there is Bella’s momma.  Yeah.  Such a good visit.  I think we were both relaxed and just eager to spend time together.  Every second felt good.  Talking on the floor while Bella played, watching movies on the futon, eating her cooking. All of that was more than enough, but there was more.  We spent two days together taking scrapbooking classes by day and cropping by night.  Man, it’s been awhile.  This weekend definitely reminded me of what I love about this craft.  All the paper and glitter (who knew I would get sucked into that?) and fonts.  Entirely too much fun.  Reminds me that I need to create this space for myself.


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