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Tuesday Daybook – 8/25/09 Wednesday August 26, 2009

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I got this idea from T’s blog.  My BFF is full of great ideas.  I like the idea of capturing some pieces from one day each week.  It might be a nice way to look back on to see how things change over time., or how they don’t.  Here goes….

Outside my window…. it is dark and quiet.  It turns out that the first installation of the Tuesday Daybook is more of a Tuesday Nightbook.  Oh well, it happens when it happens.  The storms that wandered through earlier in the evening have found their way out and stillness has taken their place.

I am thinking… about babies and friendship and Gadget and the course I am teaching online (wha??!!!) and our next babymaking appointment and the list goes on.  What am I NOT thinking about might be a more concise question.

I am thankful for… the sense of connectedness I have felt with myself during the last week.

From the kitchen…. not a peep can be heard.  We met a TTC friend for dinner tonight.  She is almost at the end of her two week wait and trying to keep herself from testing early.  It was an IUI, IVF, progesterone supposititory, estrogen patch, FSH shot kind of an evening.

I am wearing… my most comfy black nightgown.

I am reading… The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality by the Dalai Lama.  I had to let Una go when I finished Ahab’s Wife a few days ago and I’m just not ready for fiction just yet.

I am hoping… that I don’t have this job next August.

I am creating… quite a bit lately.  Going to CKC with T really got me back on track.  I’m back to my morning pages and I’ve managed to get down to the basement a little each day for scrapbooking time.  Man do those two things feel good.

I am praying… for clarity and guidance.

Around the house… it is peaceful.  Toad has relocated to the bedroom and is snuggled in with a textbook.  Baker is snoozing on his sofa in the living room and Gadget is curled up in a very small ball on the desk beside me.  I can hear his purrs.

One of my favorite things… is my new hair.  I feel lighter and more put together.  It’s actually easier to deal with and it looks so much healthier.

A few plans for the rest of the week…. Nothing too substantial on the schedule.  I’m happy about that.  We have been out of town quite a bit lately and I’m looking forward to a whole week at home.  Planning to get ahead in my classes (we’ll see how that goes) and carve out a little scrapping time here and there.

A “picture thought I’m sharing… In case you are curious, you read that shirt correctly.  Toad is wearing a shirt that says “Legalize Gay…. Cupcakes”  The missing word is cupcakes.  Who knew?  We found it in Seattle, we thought it was cute, we bought it.  Done.



2 Responses to “Tuesday Daybook – 8/25/09”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Hooray! Love your day/nightbook!

  2. Desaray Says:

    this was totally lovely

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