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Ready for Action! Friday September 4, 2009

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Next week we are leaving on a jet plane so that Toad can interview and we can check out the town together.  After 28 years of education, we are FINALLY pushing Toad out into the job market.  It’s an exciting time.  We decided at the outset that we would be clear about the fact that we are married.  Take us or leave us, that’s how we roll.  It’s customary during medical interviews for the wives/partners/husbands to join at the end of the interview day for dinner.  So, when they got far enough to start talking about reservations, Toad let the guys know that her partner would be traveling to town and would be coming for dinner.  Not a blink, not a hesitation.  They’ve been great so far and I’m hoping to make a good impression as the job is at a university and hey people, I need a job too.

Once the logistics were nailed down I realized that I had not a thing to wear.  Today I hit my new favorite spot (Ann Taylor LOFT) and found a fabulous dress.  I’m not a happy shopper, so I was thrilled to have quick dress success.  Done!  And happy!  I wish I could find a bigger picture, but this is the best I could do.  It’s a fabulous shade of blue.

Ready for action baby!!!



One Response to “Ready for Action!”

  1. T Says:

    You go girl! You and your wife will make a great impression. The GA fam is pulling for you both!

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