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A Weekend to Recover from the Weekend Monday September 21, 2009

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Is that so much to ask for?  I need it.  It’s that simple.  It was a fabulous weekend, but it wore me out.

After four days of drizzle, drear, wet walks with Baker, and bad hair; I had had enough.  It was time to take the Ark down to Atlanta for even more rain.  The drive was slow and yucky, but we made it safely.  The constancy of the rain didn’t manage to touch the fun once we arrived.  We got to see a smiley, pajamaed Bella when we got to town and then it was off for my (public) date with Ms. Ray.  Did I mention that it was an “outdoor/rain or shine/hey, the musicians are covered” kind of a concert?  Well, it was.  No matter.  We came with our rain jackets, picnic supplies, wine bottles and a tarp to hold over our heads if things got really dicey.  There were probably a maximum of 20 minutes during the whole evening when it wasn’t raining, but it never actually downpoured.  Not bad.  It was a lot of fun once you just accepted the fact that being cute wasn’t really an option bc you were going to be wet and moderately uncomfortable.  Life goes on.

The show was great!  Amy wore her special (read: terrible) red plaid pants and they played Fugitive which is a high school favorite of mine and one they don’t do that often.  Toad was happy to hear Kid Fears and T even got The Wood Song.  It was a good night.

The next AM T invited some old Atlanta friends over for brunch.  There were 5 kids, 6 adults, 2 cats, 1 dog and LOTS of breakfast food.  It was my kind of morning.  I was thrilled that T thought of the idea AND that everyone was able to make it.  It felt good to visit and catch up and see how big kids have gotten in the two years that I’ve been gone.  Sometimes Old Home Week is just what you need.

The drive back was wetter and drearier than the ride there, but about 30 minutes from home the sun came out.  Almost like magic.  A nice welcome home.  An extra day before having to go back to work would have been nicer, but the sun was pretty good.


One Response to “A Weekend to Recover from the Weekend”

  1. tesstruega Says:

    you’re ALWAYS cute… and it’s not like Amy was knocking down your door either. ;oP

    if you’re not using those paddles, could you fed ed them… or at least send them downstream???

    it was great to see you and the wife!

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