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Frightened Rabbit – I LOVE These Guys Sunday October 4, 2009

Filed under: Music — The Professor @ 7:32 pm

Toad played DJ in the car on the way home this afternoon and we sang all the way home.  During all of this I was reminded of how excited I got about Frightened Rabbit last year.  I just love these guys.  The accent, the percussion, the lyrics.  All of it.  This renewed excitement sent me to YouTube and I found a cool video of Heads Roll Off.  This was one of the first ones I latched on to and the video rocks.  You can check it out here:

It took me longer with The Modern Leper, but it’s a relationship that has more staying power.  I think it’s my favorite and it’s been on my mind and in my head quite a bit during the last month.  I wish they had a video of this, but they don’t.  The acoustic live versions sound a little sketchy, so I’m including a link to just the song below.  It’s worth it.


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