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A lesbian wife and mother tries her hand at something new. Surely there is a hat that fits out there somewhere!

Tuesday Daybook on Saturday 10/17/09 Saturday October 17, 2009

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Outside my window…. it is cold and grey.  Have I said that before?  Yeah…. I think I have.  WHAT.IS.UP.WITH.THIS.WEATHER.????  Do I live in the Pacific NW or what?  Enough.  Really.  Enough.

I am thinking… that I’m getting a cold.  Yuck.

I am thankful for… ridiculous pop culture distractions.  Bring it on Balloon Boy and crazy ass family!  Sometimes it just feels good to get lost in someone else’s bizarre circumstances.

From the kitchen…. cupboards are being filled.  Toad is running errands this afternoon (I can’t seem to detach myself from the couch) and she should be back soon with groceries for the week.

I am wearing… comfy jeans, a long-sleeved T shirt that I’ve had since high school, and blue socks with red hearts.

I am reading… the first in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series – The Golden Compass. Different, but interesting.  I always claim not to be a fantasy/sci fi kind of girl and then a book comes along and surprises me.  I like that.  I’ve also been working my way (slowly) through the text of A Course in Miracles.  Something about it clicked with me more deeply this week and I’m loving that too.

I am hoping… Yes I am.

Around the house… things are quiet.  Baker and Gadget are laid out on the bed and Toad is TCB.  I am alternating between grading avoidance, reading and watching Top Chef.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE Ashley?  I do.

One of my favorite things…from the week was coming home from work to find a package addressed to Toad from the employer of choice.  They sent her a nice sweatshirt hoody from the university.  How fun is that?!  We’re still waiting to get OFFICIAL word during her second visit in early November, but last week the department head called to let her know that she was their top pick by a long shot and that she should view the 2nd visit as more of a victory lap than an interview.

A few plans for the rest of the week…. At this point, the week is almost over.  The highlights have been going to hear Kathy Griffin do stand up, sharing dinner with friends on Wednesday and meeting a fun lesbian couple our age that just got to town.

A “picture thought I’m sharing…



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