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Gadget Trouble Friday October 23, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — The Professor @ 7:50 am

A few months ago a new couple moved into the house next door.  This new couple brought two cats with them.  Two OUTSIDE cats.  Two outside cats that have become increasingly interested in our INSIDE cat.  Now, Gadget has always been something of a flight risk.  From time to time we have to watch our entrances and exits bc he gets an eye for the door.  It’s always been something that waxes and wanes.  Since the arrival of the cats next door, we have been in permanent wax.  It’s gotten so bad, that I’m worried about the boy.  I don’t want to jail him in the house if he wants to roam so badly, but I’m worried that he doesn’t know anything about life outside and he’s going to get hurt.  Then there’s the fact that he hasn’t had the shots he needs to be an outside cat and I’m thinking that is he keeps getting out we need to make a vet appointment.

The whole thing is frustrating.  He hasn’t stayed out for more than a couple of hours at a time and he’s never been out overnight, but the pull of the outside is getting worse.  He got out this AM when Baker and I left for our morning stroll.  Hopefully he’ll be back soon.


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