Blue in the Sky

A lesbian wife and mother tries her hand at something new. Surely there is a hat that fits out there somewhere!

Tuesday Daybook on Friday 10/30/09 Friday October 30, 2009

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Outside my window…. it is grey.  Shocker.

I am thinking… that it might be possible to make peace with ambiguity.  Maybe.

I am thankful for… my wife.  I have been an emotional mess for much of the week and she’s been just great.  I’ve never had someone in my life that handles my emotionality with such calm.  It just doesn’t rattle her and that is so comforting.  I feel absolutely safe being “not ok” with her.  I finally have someone who lets me feel what I feel and doesn’t make it about them.  Thankful doesn’t get close.

From the kitchen…. the queen of routine is doing her thing.  Noodles, pistachios and grapes for lunch.  There’s been a lot of lately.  If by lately you mean the last six months.

I am wearing… comfy jeans, a brown long-sleeved henley, and warm socks.  It’s chilly today, so warm and comfy have the highest priority.

I am reading…all sorts of things.  I’m coming to the end of The Golden Compass and it wasn’t all that I dreamed of.  It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t suck me in.  This week I started listening to Dark Nights of the Soul and Thomas Moore actually reads it himself.  I like that.  Good timing with that one.

I am hoping… that Toad comes home from interview round two with a contract.

Around the house… everyone is home and I love that.  Toad is taking an academic day and so all four of us are spending the day together.  We slept in late (for us) and had a leisurely morning.  She brought me a pumpkin bagel from the Einsteins at the hospital yesterday, so I had that for breakfast.  Yum.  Toad is a little sniffly and is taking it easy hoping that she won’t get sick, so she did my long run with slow little me today.  It was a cool Fall morning at the lake with lots and lots of leaves.  Although I ran harder than I would have alone, it was great to be outside in the quiet with her.  Now, we’re both working companionably.  Well, she’s working and I’m blogging.

One of my favorite things… is feeling like I am caring for myself.  I’ve been a mess off and on this week, but I’ve made time for exercise and my morning pages each day.  So important.

A few plans for the rest of the week…. well, tmw is Halloween.  I’m not sure what we will do, but I’m sure we’ll get out there tmw night.  We’ve spent the last two Halloweens drinking wine and watching the festivities from the porch of some friends who live in Halloween central.  I imagine that is where we will end up.  On Sunday Toad flies to interview part deux.

A “picture thought I’m sharing… meeting my newest cousin in New Orleans a few months ago.  SO HAPPY for my aunt and uncle.  They have been waiting for this girl for a long time.




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