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Tuesday Daybook 11/10/09 Tuesday November 10, 2009

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Outside my window…. it’s raining.  Lots of umbrellas, wet leaves and students moving much more quickly than usual.

I am thinking… about what the future holds.

I am thankful for… the fact that sometimes I can be brave.  It takes me awhile to step out of the boundaries of what I think I am expected to do, but I’m getting there.  This AM I put my money down for the GRE.  I will be taking it (again, grumble, grumble – why do scores have to expire?) in December.  I am doing this so that I will be able to apply to counseling programs in our new place.  Should I decide to do that.  Yeah.  Baby steps.

From the kitchen…. there is much conversation.  We watched Food Inc with the Grabs last week and things have been dicey ever since.  We’re on the healthy eating train for the most part, but we do eat meat.  Well, we did.  Since watching baby chicks getting smashed in conveyor belts and cows stumbling around on the kill floor, we’ve gotten as far as shrimp in the animal flesh department.  I can still eat fish and seafood without significant reservation, but dammit if the chicken, cow and pig guilt isn’t giving me hell.  I don’t know what this will mean for Thanksgiving.  Toad is looking into local, grass-fed options.

I am wearing… brownish-grey pants, a blue and grey striped button-down shirt, a brown belt, grey socks and brown stacked penny loafers.

I am reading… American Wife and GRE Test Prep.  I bought the quant book.

I am hoping… that tmw goes well.

Around the house… Thanksgiving is almost here.  Well, our family celebration at any rate.  This weekend my parents, Toad and I will be gathering at Toad’s parents house.  The call schedule demands that we be in town over the actual holiday, so we are creating a do-it-yourself event.

One of my favorite things… is calm Baker after a bath.

A few plans for the rest of the week…. tonight we are meeting T&J for dinner and then we are headed to the mountains for family weekend.

A “picture thought I’m sharing…



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