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One More Semester Down Wednesday December 9, 2009

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Monday was the last day of classes and exams start tomorrow.  This means that I am smack dab in the center of the “What’s my grade?”  “Do you do extra credit?” “What’s going to be on the final?” vortex.  It never matters that the students have all of their grades and the other two questions have been answered repeatedly throughout the semester.  It just doesn’t matter.  This is my ninth year of teaching and you would think I might have learned this lesson.  Not so.  It’s irritating every single time.

My focus for the moment is on the fact that I’ve gotten one more semester at this university behind me and I’ve only got one more to go.  I can do this.  Next Thursday I am scheduled to take the GRE.  The program I am applying to is looking for 1000 and I’m hoping I can do that.  When I took the GRE last time I cleared that hurdle, but that was 10 years ago. Ten primarily math-less years.  I’m doing what I can on the preparation front and I guess we’ll just have to see next Thursday.  At least you don’t have to wait for your scores to be mailed anymore.  That’s something.

Although exams and grading and the graduation ceremony loom, the end of classes means that I will have more time to focus on this getting into graduate school mission.  The program deadline is December 31.  Here’s what I need to do btw now and then:

  • Request transcripts from college and graduate school
  • Secure three-letter writers (two down, one to go)
  • CV tune up
  • 1000 on the GRE
  • Write statement of purpose/interest

One Response to “One More Semester Down”

  1. Theresa Says:

    I would write a letter for you, but I know that the grad programs don’t want a letter about how fabulous my BFF is and that they should accept her into their program because she is the most awesomest person in the world. :o)

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