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The Daybook Thursday December 10, 2009

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FOR TODAY… December 10, 2009

Outside my window… the sun is shining brightly and holiday decorations are everywhere.

I am thinking… that there are lots of shows about therapy.  Suddenly I am interested in all of them.  I cannot handle Intervention though.  That one is just too much for me.  The twenty-something who huffs computer keyboard cleaner was the end of it for me.  Entirely too much.  My favorites are Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew and In Treatment.  I have loved Dr. Drew from his Loveline days on MTV.  I watched that show most nights I was in college and as a psych major I thought Dr. Drew was a genius.  Now, he has a show about sex addiction and I’m hooked.  Wasn’t even trying to make a joke there.  It’s just a good show.  In Treatment is my latest Netflix find.  Toad won’t watch it, but Baker is in.  This is an HBO series that follows a fictional therapist though his work and home life.  Each episode is centered around a session with a patient.  It’s a cool idea.

I am thankful for… the fact that classes are over.

I am remembering… that I have many letters of recommendation to write.

I am going… to SantaLand Diaries tonight!  This is my kind of holiday celebration.

I am currently reading… American Wife.  This is a LONG book, but I’m going to miss this character when it ends.  Curtis Sittenfeld has got to be a cool girl.

I am hoping… that Baker stops acting weird soon.  I don’t think he’s sick because his appetite seems fine, but he gets scared and clingy at night and in the mornings.  It’s almost like he’s spooked.  Last night I was in bed reading and he was huddled beside me shaking.  Literally shaking.  Toad thinks Gadget is terrorizing him when we’re at work.  Who knows.  It’s getting harder and harder to defend that little man.

On my mind… babies and Christmas and animal behavior and elves named Crumpet.

Noticing that… No is not a word my department head understands.

Pondering these words… “We look for 1000 on the GRE”

On the agenda this week… I am masquerading as a social butterfly.  It’s Thursday and my wings are getting heavy, but it’s been fun.  On Monday I had a yummy Latin dinner with a new friend.  I’ll call her J.  She is the femme half of the lesbian couple we met a few months ago.  I really had fun hanging out just with her.  Quality girl time.  On Tuesday my small group met at church.  I think the whole small group thing is really cool.  I’m into it.  It’s a bit too “group therapy-esque” for Toad, but it’s right up my alley.  You can never have too much emotional sharing I say.  Especially with people who aren’t a central part of my life.  Last night was book club and we discussed Strange Piece of Paradise.  We don’t always talk that much about the books, but last night we did and it was great.  I’ve been a bit reserved about these girls, but we had a good conversation.  Very cool.  Tonight is a performance of SantaLand Diaries.  We’re going with the Grabs with dinner before the show.  This should be lots of fun.  I can’t picture this story being performed and not read.  I’m eager for it though, for Crumpet primarily.  Toad says we can’t name our baby Crumpet.  That’s too bad :(.  Once again, Toad will be working for much of the weekend so we don’t have plans.  We WILL be getting a tree/shrub/decorative something this weekend and there is a college basketball game on Sunday, so perhaps.

Around the house… Christmas is coming.  Not yet here, but coming.

One of my favorite things… my new winter pjs.  Toad calls me “The Gund” when I wear them bc I look a little too  much like a stuffed animal (think warm, fuzzy, etc), but comfort is a good thing.

From my picture journal…


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