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One Small Gadget for Sale Tuesday December 15, 2009

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Toad has created quite a ruckus by putting Gadget up for sale on Face Book. This is what seems to me to be one of the flaws of FB.  It simplifies things that are not simple.  Although I’m going with the silliness of the idea by using it in my own title, Gadget is not exactly for sale.  It seems to me that Gadget is exploring other options.  Seeing what’s out there.  There are a number of reasons for this, but it probably makes the most sense to rewind the tape and start from the beginning.

The picture above shows the Professor with baby Gadget.  This picture was taken on the back porch of my apartment days after I brought him home from the humane society.  During Gadget’s kittenhood, I was a single lady and Gadget was my sidekick.  Most of the time, if I was out and about, the little man was with me.  He was a terrific car passenger and we made many extended trips together.  He was at the front door waiting on the couch for his kiss on the nose every day when I got home from work.  You get the picture.  We were close.

Enter Toad.  While Toad is an animal person, she is not so much of a cat person and I knew this from the beginning.  However, during the year that we did long distance Gadget traveled with me each time I came to her house for the weekend and she was truly happy to have him.  Well, she was happy to have me and if being with me meant putting up with Gadget, so be it.  You do what you have to do.

But what about Gadget’s view of the new Toad situation, right?  Well, Gadget’s life pre-Toad was much different than it has been post-Toad.  Gadget was the center of my world, and when I met Toad he wasn’t.  I certainly didn’t ignore him, but I guess he started to be treated more like an actual cat.  That’s not easy.  It was a significant fall and if his behavior is any indication, he holds Toad entirely responsible.

Gadget on a good day is a feisty young man.  He is high-spirited and more than a few people have used the word “bad” as a descriptor.  I’m sure I contributed to the development of his naughtiness as a kitten, because well…. it entertains me.  I mean, he’s barely 10 pounds.  How much trouble is he really going to get into?

Gadget with Toad in the house is often a terror.  He swats her papers and pens off the desk while she works.  He snuggles up beside her on the arm of the (leather) couch and just when the purring begins he starts to claw.  He swats (with claws) at her each time she walks by him when he’s on the bed/back of the couch/desk.  After the months he spent in the basement when Baker arrived, he now OWNS the dog and everyone knows it.  The two of them have a swatting, barking, whining altercation EVERY NIGHT that always ends with 70 lb Baker shaking and whimpering in the small space behind the closet door.  We have tried every possible intervention (short of locking Gadget in the basement) to end this ritual, but nothing works.  It’s just part of what we do now.  We spend no less than 30 minutes after the lights go out each night listening to Gadget kick Baker’s ass.  It’s not the best way to end a day.

So, Gadget is currently looking for other options.  The whole thing is heartbreaking, but I don’t know what else to do.  Toad isn’t happy, Baker isn’t happy, Gadget can’t be all that happy and I am exhausted.  The four of us are not compatible.  I don’t know how else you could see the situation.  This is just where we are.  After a ridiculous number of hours in discussions, we have arrived at the following conditions for the Gadget Relocation Initiative.

  • Loving, cat-friendly home that does not require declawing
  • Family who will provide me with updates and (crossing my fingers) pictures
  • Family with a high tolerance for mischief

Know anybody?


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