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Having a FABULOUS Christmas Friday December 25, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life,Family — The Professor @ 2:43 pm

The weather is gloomy, but after the fall we’ve had, we’re used to drear, so sleety rain can’t touch us.  Bring it weather gods; we ain’t scared.  It may be grey, but all is merry and bright at our house.  We’ve made the family phone calls and opened the gifts.  The pets really cleaned up this year.  Gadget got a sexy new lavender collar with a broken clasp.  Opps.  Not sure how that happened.  We noticed the broken clasp after tossing the old collar in the trash, so the little man is traipsing around the house just as naked as a jaybird.  (Yes, I am from the South).  He’s just cute, he can’t help it.  Baker is the recipient of an assortment of ridiculously expensive organic dog treats involving peanut butter.  He seemed pretty pumped, but not quite pumped enough given how good they looked.  He’s lucky I didn’t eat them first.  Toad and I had fun with our stockings in which we found Mocha Merriment coffee, warm/stripy socks, an assortment of lotions (me) and a knife sharpener, assorted gum and Counter Culture decaf (Toad).

We’ve spent the last few hours working on our puzzle, which is turning out to be harder than I thought and a tad bigger than our table, while listening to Christmas music.  I think we’re both about done with the Christmas music and the puzzle actually.  You can only take so much of that.  Soon we will be headed out to the theater to see this movie:

Nine.  Finally a movie that looks good in the theater!  I’m been excited about this movie since I first heard about it.  Hoping it’s fun.  We’ve got pizza dough made and doing whatever it is that dough does.  Is it called resting or is that what meat does?  Whatever it’s called, it should be ready when we get home and we will be making a butternut squash pizza with ricotta for Christmas dinner.  Yum.  Nothing like honoring tradition, eh?  We do have a theme though.  2009 has been the year of the butternut squash.


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