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Daybook Tuesday January 12, 2010

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FOR TODAY… January 12, 2010

Outside my window… it’s snowing!  Pretty cool really.  On our morning walk, there were tiny flakes all around us.  What a fun surprise.  It’s hard for snow to sneak up on us in the south (seems like we hear about the potential for snow DAYS before it actually happens and often it never does), so it’s extra cool when it does.  A magical morning.

I am thinking… that it feels good to be back in the swing of things.  A break is fabulous, but getting back to real life is its own kind of treat.

I am thankful for… everything.  I try to be anyway.

I am remembering… all sorts of childhood things lately.

I am currently reading…. Slow Man by J.M. Coetzee.  I bought this book a few years back bc it won the Nobel Prize and then I realized that it was about a man who loses his leg in an accident on a bike.  Ummm… thank you.  When Toad is in riding shape she can put a hundred miles on a bike in a good week.  This scares me when I stop and think about it.  Small woman and small bike on big roads with big cars.  Yikes.  So, I don’t exactly seek out opportunities to think alot about bike wrecks.  However, Toad is on a biking break so I’m going to give the book a try.  They say it’s good.

I am hoping… for Thursday.

On my mind… life transitions.  Beginnings, endings, middles.  That is the topic for the Connections group tonight, so I’ve been pondering for the last few days.

Noticing that… although January does not mark the end of winter, it really should.

Pondering these words… My wife is 33.  Can you believe that?!  I guess it was bound to happen.

On the agenda this week…tonight is my Connections group at church.  We’re talking about life transitions tonight.  Looking forward to that.  On Thursday night we’re getting together with the Grabs for dinner.  Looking fwd to hearing about their holiday trip to Germany.  Then on Friday we head to Memphis for a visit with my parents.  It’s been a long time and I can’t wait to see them.  Hoping  for a weekend of good visiting.

Around the house… I’m happy that we’re all back together.  Our little rental house isn’t the greatest, but it’s our spot and I love when we’re all in it.

One of my favorite things… is warmth.

From my picture journal… nothing at the moment.


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