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Daybook Tuesday February 2, 2010

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FOR TODAY… February 2, 2010

Outside my window… there is still snow everywhere.  It started on Friday night and now, four days later most of it is still here.  The skies are grey and we got some sleet during our morning walk.  Yuck.  And the damn groundhog gave us what we knew was coming this morning.  Six more weeks of winter.

I am thinking… that Toad and the Professor will have an exciting announcement to make very soon.  Keep your fingers crossed! 😉

I am thankful for… for the moments when I really believe in my myself.  Particularly thankful when those moments are woven together into entire days.

I am remembering… what flow feels like.

I am wearing… comfy blue jeans, a grey long-sleeved shirt and a blue fleece.

I am currently reading… Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah.  T let me borrow this and I am finally getting to it.  Sixty pages in and I’m hooked.  Nothing like a nice warm novel about friendship when it’s cold outside. 

I am hoping… that I can find some good blogs about writing.  Anyone got any recommendations?

Noticing that… the weather is supporting my emotional unemployment.  I’ve been grumbly about it, but school cancellations are a fabulous outcome of all the snow.  Yesterday I managed to avoid my long teaching day.  I teach a night class one day a week and that night is Monday.  What was I doing yesterday?  NOT being at school.  Check.

Pondering these words… Who could you be if you weren’t afraid to fail?

On the agenda this week… Still pretty quiet around here.  This afternoon I have my volunteer interview at the hospital. I’m excited  to see where that goes, but I am NOT excited about the needles.  Yes, there will actually be needles!!!  Seasonal flu shot and H1N1 and TB.  Wowza.  The forecast is calling for another snowy weekend.  Hard to believe.

Around the house… there are lots of leftovers 😉

One of my favorite things…SNOW DAYS!!!

From my picture journal… stay tuned.


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