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Unorganized Ideas Monday February 22, 2010

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I like structure and coherent (at least to me) organization, but scattered is the name of the game today.  Usually when I’m scattered I don’t post, but today I am not letting a little incoherence stand in my way.  Not a chance.


I have adopted this as a kind of mantra, but I don’t think I’ve believed it even once.  When the sun emerged on Friday and cranked the temperature up to 60 by Sunday, I felt like I had been reborn.  Literally.  This is not dramatic overstatement.  It is actually, factually true.  Toad, Baker and I went on three substantial walks this weekend and they were blissful.  I had the feeling that you get when you start to feel better after having been sick for awhile.  That “Oh this is what human feels like” feeling.  How do people live in cold places?  I will never understand this.


The phone interview last Thursday went well.  I was impressed with what she had to share about the program and I think she was impressed with me.  Good.  Mission accomplished.  Apparently they don’t do on-campus interviewing for the Masters program, so I should be hearing from the graduate school folks in the next month.  If I am lucky enough to get in, the next step will be money wrangling.  Got to make it feasible.


This is a happy realization.  In addition to robbing me of my will to live (or perhaps I should just say “zest for life”), the sun has also taken with it any interest I ever had in running.  I have NEVER been a treadmill girl.  I have been a girl who slogged through time on the treadmill, but I have never enjoyed it.  Not even a little.  Having to actually get myself somewhere besides my front door is a significant deterrent and I am not a fan of the gym environment once I actually do get there.  So, all of this leads to the fact that I haven’t been running much lately.  For several months actually.

Sunday morning Toad and I set the alarm and hit the road before church.  The temps were still in the 30’s, but the sun was bright and the wind was calm.  I ran four happy miles.  My body felt terrible, but my heart was full.  THIS is why I run.  I run bc I love the way it feels to be outside in the quiet when the sun comes up, when most of the world is still asleep.  I absolutely LOVE that and man has it been a long time.  It felt so good that I set my alarm a little earlier this morning and got out again before work.  It’s Monday and I’ve already put in seven miles this week.


Of course it does.  I’m feeling that very acutely today bc I have to attend three separate meetings with my colleagues.  We are going through the re-accreditation process and the big dogs are on campus this week.  Got to play nice.


I cannot say enough about having a wife who is a doctor.  The girl is a genius.  After months of experiencing a bunch of weird things that I never connected (sleeping much more than usual, unusual sluggishness during cardio, dizzy spells in the shower and while lifting weights), I finally talked to Toad about it Friday night.  I have always had extremely heavy periods and I’ve never eaten a lot of meat, but I’ve never worried about it.  I’ve never thought I was anemic.  Well, I think I was wrong.  One change that has been small but  likely significant is that we are not eating out nearly as much as we usually do since we have been TTC.  We started trying in July.  This means that we’ve been primarily eating at home for eight months.  This is important bc if I ever eat red meat, I eat it out.  Most of what we cook at home is veggie.

Eureka!  Now that I’m thinking about iron, I’m taking a multivitamin and making a conscious effort to get iron through my diet each day.


One Response to “Unorganized Ideas”

  1. T Says:

    good for you! i have been off the wagon for a few weeks now, and my body misses it!!! once my intestines completely settle, i will get my booty back on track, sistah!

    put on that professor smile… 3 months to go!

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