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Daybook – February 24 Wednesday February 24, 2010

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Outside my window…. winter is back.  Heavy, wet snowflakes are falling, but melting as soon as they reach the ground.  No accumulation.  No school cancellation.

I am thinking… that all of the possibility and ambiguity of this move feels exciting.  At least at this moment.  I’m going to try to hang on to that.

I am thankful for…my wife.  Again.  As always.  Now that she isn’t taking extra hormones, I’m remembering her actual personality.  This is a good thing.  I’m not nearly as good at being the calm one.

From the kitchen…. all sorts of wild and wonderful things.  On the menu tonight?  Mahi Mahi.  With guacamole.

I am wearing… grey pants, a green v-neck sweater and socks striped with green, blue and white.

I am reading…Fieldwork by Mischa Berlinksi.  My MIL liked this one so much that she sent me a copy in the mail.  That was a great surprise!  I love fun mail and I REALLY love books in the mail.  Les and I are protesting our book club’s selection of the new book by the woman who wrote The Time Traveler’s Wife (did NOT like that book) and have decided to read Fieldwork together and discuss.  I’m looking fwd to that.

I am hoping…that Bean keeps on keeping on in his healthy way.

Around the house… times they are a changing.  At church on Sunday there was considerable progress made in the Gadget Relocation effort.  A few possibilities have emerged over the last few months, but I didn’t feel good about them.  However, it turns out there is a retired woman who lives alone and is VERY MUCH a cat person in general and a black cat person in particular whose cat passed away a few months back.  A cat that she had on DIALYSIS for weeks.  Dialysis.  That is major committment people.  She is eager for a new companion and she is anti declawing.  I was practically in tears talking to her.  She plans to call me later this week and do a Gadget test drive.  We agreed that I would bring him over and they could spend a few days together to see how it goes.  I don’t think there is any way she wouldn’t fall in love with him.  I just can’t imagine it.  She seems bright and funny and just the kind of lady that Gadget would charm the pants off.  And she said she’s willing to keep in touch and send me pictures.  Fingers crossed.

One of my favorite things… is watching Criminal Minds with Toad.  This is our new show and I don’t know how we missed it for so long.  We like it so much that we’re thinking about naming the baby Gideon. 😉

A few plans for the rest of the week….The big news is that Bean had a photo shoot on Tuesday morning and she’s looking good.  Two arms, two legs and a nasal bone.  Happy Toad and the Professor.  Tmw night we are getting together with T&J for dinner which is good bc we haven’t seen them yet this year.  Man, it’s almost March.  Friday night the Grabs have invited us to dinner at an organic farm about an hour away.  Interesting.  I’ve seen stories about these kinds of places on the Food Network, but I’ve never been.  We are foot loose and fancy free for the weekend and they say the sun will be shining.

A “picture thought I’m sharing… Stay tuned.  Bean picture coming soon.


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