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It’s March?!?! Wednesday March 3, 2010

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Wha?  How did THIS happen?!  And why do have SNOW on the ground?!!  NEW snow.  Yeah, stopping myself on that rant.  At any rate, I flipped the page on the calendar Monday morning and some kind of switch tumbled into the “on” position.


I have been in manic hyper-drive since the calendar page settled into its’ new position.  The last two days have been a blur of internet research (home rentals and daycare info primarily) and phone calls.  In addition to the fact that somehow it is March, I also got the letter on Saturday.  In spite of its’ thinness which was initially alarming, I have been accepted in the Counseling program in our new place!  Both of these facts have really spurred me into action.  It’s time to get the show on the road.

Next week is my Spring Break and I’ve decided to use it to get some important things taken care of.  Early next week I will be making a road trip, unfortunately sans Toad.  She has to work.

  • Rental house hunting with our real estate agent.  When we spoke yesterday she indicated that there might be a great place available in June.  Nothing like a prospect!
  • Day care exploration.  Although we have been on  the waiting list at the University day care from only a few moments after we got a positive pregnancy test, we don’t know that we will get in.  I’ve started getting nervous about this and I’m eager to see what our options might be.  Toad will be able to stay home for two months, but that will have us looking for care by November.
  • Making an in-person visit to the Counseling department.  This is the time during which they will make funding/assistantship decisions, and so I think it would be smart to make an appearance.  I’m also eager to see what the building and classrooms look like, where it is on campus, etc.
  • Enjoying an unexpected visit with my parents.  They are considerably closer to our new place, so they will be driving up for the visit.  Looking fwd to that!

One Response to “It’s March?!?!”

  1. T Says:


    And WHY didn’t I get a phone call… slacker.

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