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Goodbye Little Gadget Sunday March 14, 2010

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This morning it was official.  My little Gadget has a new home.  Can you hear the tears in my voice as I write this?  Although I had envisioned going to Connie’s house and saying goodbye, when the time came I couldn’t do it.  Two weeks ago when I dropped him off we were just going for a test drive.  Seeing how Gadget and Connie got along.  I left her house feeling optimistic and happy for all of us and also…. like I might be back.  Now I know I won’t be.  The last two weeks have been great at Connie’s house.  She tells me that:

  • He runs up and down her stairs like Mario Andretti (he’s never had stairs)
  • He spends much of the day lounging in the sun next to her sliding glass door
  • She lets him play with her paper bags from Harris Teeter and he loves it
  • He’s already comfortable enough to be settled into his signature Gadget posture – laying on his back in the center of the rug, legs spread
  • She thinks he’s getting more affectionate with her every day

It is the right thing.  The best thing for everyone.  Connie is smitten with him and I know he is loving the attention.  She is not really the hugging kind, but this morning at church when I handed over his papers and the last of his toys I had to hug her.  To tell her thank you for taking such good care of my boy.  Of course, now is not my boy.  He is Connie’s and I know she will be good to him.  She has promised to update me from time to time and I am grateful for that.  She asked me if it would be ok with me if she changed his name.  This is just another example of how great this woman is.  She didn’t have to ask me this, but she did.  She wanted me to know.  I can’t imagine Gadget not being Gadget but I’m thinking that this too is for the best.  His name is TJ now and I think it suits him.  Connie is really into Thomas Jefferson and she likes the name.  In the space of two short weeks, this little black cat has gone from cartoon character to a serious young man named TJ Blackmon and I love him still.  That will never change.


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