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A lesbian wife and mother tries her hand at something new. Surely there is a hat that fits out there somewhere!

Daybook – March 17 Wednesday March 17, 2010

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Outside my window… the sun is shining and there are only a few wispy clouds interrupting all of the blue.

I am thinking… about my upcoming call with the Director of the Counseling program.  I will be dialing the number in less than an hour and I’m still not quite sure about what I will say.  Something about changing family structure and thanks for the scholarship (got that notification last night) and oh yeah…. can I put this thing off awhile?  I am also going to ask about part-time options, but I’m leaning towards the possibility of deferring.  I’m not really a part-time kind of girl.  We’ll see what she has to say.

I am thankful for… NyQuil.  I managed to collect some bugs last week on my way out of town and the general yuckiness is making it hard to sleep.  I spent Monday night on the couch, not wanting to transfer bugs to Toad and Bean, but last night I gave all that up.  Back to bed.

I am wearing… grey pants, a blue and white striped button-down shirt, black socks and black clogs.  It’s a conservative kind of day.

Plans for the week… tonight we have an appointment with an attorney.  We had wills and health-care powers of attorney drawn up before we got married, but we didn’t have a baby then.  Of course, we don’t have a baby now but Toad has become moderately obsessed with the idea that if we were both killed on the way home from the hospital the baby would go to the state.  The state!  This is a phrase that I have heard from my wife with alarming frequency this week.  Hence, the appointment.  Bean will NOT be going to the state if Toad has anything to do with it.  And she will.  On Saturday night we’re going to the Fellowship for their annual auction.  This will be our first time, but we’ve heard that it’s lots of fun.  UU’s en masse + alcohol + competition = fun.

I am reading… the new book by Julie Powell.  It’s called Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat and Obsession.  I’m only a chapter in and am already wishing that I hadn’t come into the book with my own expectations.  Although everybody loved Julie & Julia, not everybody is loving Cleaving.  It is really my own reaction to the first book that is probably coloring my perception the most.  There were facets of Julie’s personality that I absolutely loved, but I did NOT love the way she treated her husband.  He was practically a saint figure in the book and she seemed to be too self-involved to truly appreciate him.  Now, I’m twenty pages into Cleaving and she’s cheating on him.  Damnit.

I am hoping… that an excellent rental opportunity falls from  the sky.

On my mind… moving and rental houses and daycare options and how it could change my life to be a Stay at Home Mom.

From the kitchen… the adventure continues.  The cooking mo-jo has not worn out it’s welcome.  In fact, we are even entering new territories.  Can you say, grill?  We can!  Or….. Toad can!  She grilled some mahi mahi on Sunday night and although the recipe did involve avocado, it was mostly a sucess.

Around the house… the absence of Gadget is noticable.  No kitten lounging on the dryer while I do laundry.  No “Damnit Gadget” refrain in all of our conversations.  No cowering Baker behind the bedroom door when it’s bedtime.  No nose kisses for me.  I miss the little man.

One of my favorite things… is tea at bedtime.  It’s a nice little ritual.  Since giving up the booze for Lent, I’ve re-discovered the wonders to tea.  Right now it’s Peppermint with a splash of milk.  Delicious.

From my picture journal… Miss B says “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!”


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