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A lesbian wife and mother tries her hand at something new. Surely there is a hat that fits out there somewhere!

The Professor Gets a Makeover or What’s Going on Around Here? Thursday March 25, 2010

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Change is afoot.  We have only 14 more weeks in this town.  I have only 5 more weeks of employment.  No summer school teaching, no job for the Fall.  This is radical in it’s newness.  I got  my first job when I was 16.  I worked throughout high school and college and the only summer I have taken off was 2006 after my first year as a tenure-track faculty member.  That is sixteen years of largely uninterrupted employment.  I’m thinking a pattern has probably developed in that time; a kind of groove.  My routine loving self is likely to struggle as I make my way out of the groove.

I was thinking about all of this during a meeting at work when I got a great idea.  Perhaps I could use this blog as a way to structure my next steps.  So…… Blue in the Sky will be taking a new approach.  Instead of a random collection of personal reflections, as of March 2010 this is now a blog with a mission.  The unemployed Professor will be trying on some new hats.  Seeing what fits and what looks flattering.  What does this mean  for you dear reader?  It means you can expect a little more consistency and perhaps even some information you can use.

Each day I will try on some of my new hats.  On Monday when the Professor turns Chef you can expect a recipe, on Adventure Tuesday I will check in with my progress on whatever the “Adventure of the Moment” might be.  Wednesday brings a book review and on Thursday I’ll channel my wife and offer suggestions to nurture your Inner Athlete.  Friday I’ll be back with writing tips and the weekend will bring news of the whole clan.  The schedule looks like this:

Monday – Chef
Tuesday – Adventurer
Wednesday – Reader
Thursday – Runner
Friday – Writer
Weekend – Wife & Mother

What do you think?  Want to play?


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