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April Begins Sunday April 4, 2010

Filed under: Career,Family,Pregnancy,The Wife & Mother — The Professor @ 8:14 pm

April marks the last complete month of my employment.  Most of the time this job has felt like it would never end, but it’s looking like it actually will.  And soon!  I’ve decided to enjoy these last few weeks in the classroom.  I am certain that I will return to teaching in some capacity, but I don’t know when that will be, so I’m soaking up all the good stuff before I go.  Operation One Month to Go calls for enjoying my students and ignoring my colleagues.  This is also known as Business as Usual.

It seems like my housing prayers will be answered soon.  Early last week Toad got a promising lead (cool house in a cool neighborhood, likely to go fast) through a med school friend and I headed out-of-town bright and early Thursday morning to check it out.  We arranged appointments throughout the afternoon to make the drive worthwhile and although I was WORN OUT by the end of the day, I was fairly certain I had found the place.  We’ll be ironing out the details this week, so it’s not final yet, but I’m optimistic.  Here are the details:

  • First floor condo (built only two years ago) in riding distance of the university that accepts dogs!!!!!!
  • Overlooks a VERY attractive courtyard, with winding pathways, flowers and outdoor fireplaces
  • Two good size bedrooms plus a small study nook
  • Fabulous kitchen
  • Fairly swank gym

I headed out-of-town Friday morning for Toad’s parents house where we spent a quiet Easter weekend, sleeping late and taking long walks and talking outside on the porch.  At 18 weeks, Toad got up on Saturday morning to go on a ride with her Dad.  He claims she’s slowed down a bit, but I wonder about that.  I’m surprised that she’s able to do these things in the 2nd trimester, but as she pointed out, when your Dad is an OB, going for a ride with him is the best way to be on a bike.


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