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The Writer is….. Friday April 9, 2010

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struggling.  I am blogging from a coffeehouse in our new town and I have just been informed by some friendly girls a few tables down, that the power has been shut down to the outlets in the dining room.  Nice.  Guess they aren’t fans of the lingering internet user.  I DID buy food.  Oh well, enough grumbling.  I’ve only got 37% of my power remaining after all.

I had breakfast in this very location LAST Friday.  Lots of traveling lately.  Not good for the writing.  Is that an excuse or just the reality of the situation?  Hard to tell.  I haven’t worked on the novel at all this week and I’ve only done my morning pages once.  Yikes.  Hardly an impressive record.  What to do?  I guess all there is is to call it like it is and keep moving.

So…. how was your writing week?  It blew.  How is it looking for next week?  Possible.

Down with self-flagellation.  Up with honesty and optimism.


One Response to “The Writer is…..”

  1. L Says:


    I am sorry to hear that you had such a crappy writing week. But we all know that things go up and down and so you are do for an up week. I wish you pages of inspired writing.
    Blessings to you both, L

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