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The First Week of April Wednesday April 14, 2010

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Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming….. Tomorrow

Home again and so glad to be here.  Looking fwd to weaving more than four days in one place together.  We got in Monday night and only in the last few moments have I felt relaxed and settled back into things.  Reentry.  It takes awhile.  Toad is right about that.

The big news is that on Tuesday we got to see Bean on the big screen and in 4-D.  One of the attendings at the hospital does very slow and meticulous anatomy scans for the residents and fellows after hours and so we were able to get the good news before the anatomy scan with the OB.  No… we don’t know if we are having a boy Bean or a girl Bean, but we are sure that we are having a jumping Bean.  That little person was moving around, fluttering arms and legs throughout the whole scan.  All of the organs look just as they should and I think the baby clearly has Toad’s feet.

On Thursday, we hit the road en route to our new home.  The trip was rainy and filled with construction, so it  took quite a bit longer than expected, but we made it in time to have a good dinner and snuggle into bed.  On Friday Toad did a board review for the residents, we had our consult visit with our pediatrician and we signed our names on the dotted line for the condo.  Yahoo!!!  Major items checked off the list.  The pediatrician (we have heard him referred to as the “Baby Whisperer”) was everything I had hoped for.  He had a very calm, reassuring voice, a bow tie and he didn’t blink to find out that Bean will have two Mommies.  He also gave us some good advice along the lines of following your instincts and trusting yourself and I think we are lucky to have found him.  Also, he will be meeting Bean in the hospital.  Very cool.

And then, there is the condo.  Toad loved it and it was fun to bustle around the place imagining how we might set it up.  We also found out that we will have a one-car garage and a storage space, which was certainly good news.  I won’t be big, but it will be comfortable and I think it has what we need.  Also, after hearing us talk about the nursery, seeing the rings and the check with both of our names, our landlord (who is a late 60ish lay minister in his church) exclaimed “I get it!  You’re married!”  Right you are Jerry.  It was a funny moment in which he acknowledged his own struggles with acceptance and later realization that as he put it, “God put us hear to love each other.  Congratulations and good luck!”.  Ok.  That went well.  Here is the floor plan for our new digs:

We spent the weekend visiting with friends new (fun Thai dinner with Toad’s new colleagues and their wives) and old (lunch with Toad’s best friend since med school and his wife and little boy and breakfast with my cousin who is in grad school in  town), exploring town on foot (lots of AM jogs and walks in city parks), talking about making our life here (but not over beer – thanks Bean!), visiting and even introducing ourself to the local (and friendly!) UU’s at the closest fellowship, eating yummy food (this town has great restaurants) and even seeing this guy in concert:

He looks a little like a monkey when he performs, but it’s charming.  Lots of weird movements with his head and feet.  The guy is great though.

I need a nap.


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