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I am Happy, Healthy & Transformed: More Tales from the Kool-Aid Pitcher Tuesday April 20, 2010

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During the last week I’ve been doing something I never thought I would do.  I’ve been practicing visualization.  What has Kathy Freston done with my brain?!  Well, this is supposed to be an adventure so I guess it’s living up to expectations. 🙂  I’ll tell you how it all went soon, but first I should walk you through how I went about it in the first place.

In pages 27 – 30, Kathy describes a basic visualization technique that she has used extensively with clients.  She provides a script that you can record and play back to yourself.  This was a wrinkle I hadn’t considered.  The recording part I mean.  It’s pretty hard to let your mind totally relax when you’re holding a book  and reading words out loud to yourself.  You’ve got to make a recording of yourself reading the script aloud in order to really get the full effect.  And if I’m going to do this thing, I might as well DO it, right?!

Happily, my netbook has a microphone.  Who knew?  My Dad knew, that’s who.  When I called to ask how I might go about recording myself talking, he said “I bet your netbook has one”.  Right he was.  If you have a Windows operating system, here’s how you can record yourself.

  1. From the Start menu, go to the Accessories tab
  2. Within that tab, select Entertainment
  3. From there, select the Sound Recorder
  4. A box will pop up with all of the familiar audio buttons (play, FF, Rew, and Rec)
  5. All you have to do is click the red dot for Record and start talking
  6. When you have gotten to end of the script (speaking slowly), click Stop
  7. From the File menu, select Save As
  8. Name your file and save it somewhere you will be able to find it
  9. Open Itunes or Windows Media Player
  10. Open your file and see what you think!
  11. Once you sync up with your Ipod, you can take your visualizing self anywhere.

My recording only lasted two minutes, so listening to it once a day didn’t create any kind of time hardship.  I did most of my visualizing on the elliptical (what else did I have to do?).  Has my life changed in radical ways in the 7 days since I started doing this crazy thing?  Not so much.  Do I think it’s possible that this kind of re-imagining might be beneficial in some small way?  Sure I do.  I can’t say that I’m committed to a steady diet of listening to my own voice while I visualize all of my radiant possibility and pedal away going nowhere on an elliptical machine, but I can see why people suggest the practice.  There is probably something to be said for it.  I’m not planning to visualize tmw, but I might do it again.  Never say never.

Next up.  Conscious eating.  Kathy has LOTS to say on this topic (she’s a vegan) so who knows what kind of trouble I might get myself into.


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