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Books Are Heavy Wednesday April 28, 2010

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As you know, we will be moving this summer.  Between the arrival of Spring and the impending move, everything in my house is looking like something else that has to be packed and eventually unpacked.  Because today is Reader day, I decided to share some information about my new friend,

I have a satisfying and enduring relationship with my local used book store.  However, between my home and office bookshelves I’m thinking that it is likely that trading all of the books I would like to unload would leave me with a store credit that would be dangerously high.  If you are wondering what I mean by dangerous, please refer to the title of this post.

I was discussing this with Toad who suggested that instead of trade credit, I simply ask  for cash.  This seems like a good idea except for the fact that I know you get SO much less value for your books if you ask for cash.  I’m  not aiming to profit from my books, but something resembling a trade would be nice.

Enter PaperBack Swap.  The service is free and entirely user-friendly.  As a new member, you simply provide email and mailing address, list 10 books you are willing to swap and for your trouble, they send you two books for free.  I have requested this:

and this:

Yes, I do have eclectic tastes.  Should someone request a book that I have made available, I will pay the postage, send the book and get a credit for a book of my choosing.  See….. it’s a swap! 🙂

This seems like a great plan to me.  I can offload textbooks to the used book store and hang onto my paperbacks for future swapping.  I know Toad will be all about this.  Think of all the money I’m saving us!!!!  Hey, the university is moving us so we don’t have to carry this books. 😉


One Response to “Books Are Heavy”

  1. Kristyn M Says:

    I read your note about the books your getting rid of. I’m really excited about the website you posted! I probably have enough books to run my own library and really need to get rid of some, but unfortunately there is not a used book store nearby. This Paper Back Swap seems like a perfect solution, so thanks! By the way, your blog rocks! 🙂

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