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The Last Week of April Friday May 7, 2010

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Back to your regularly scheduled programming next week.  For now, here’s the catch-up from last week.

It was a big week for me.  On the career front, I taught my last class at the University from Hell on Wednesday.  That was big.  Really big.  Actually, I think it’s the kind of big that won’t really sink in for a while.  This is the first time I’ve left a job without having another one lined up.  I did go one summer without teaching, so I imagine that life won’t feel too weird during the summer, but when August rolls around and the world goes back to school without me, things will get odd.  Of course, Bean will arrive at around that time so who knows what the future holds.  Not I.

Another piece of the bigness was how unbelievably easy it was to leave.  I attach and connect easily and when attachments are broken, I cry.  Usually, I cry a lot.  Not this time.  Unlike every other job or group or place I have left, I felt not one twinge of sadness or reservation or loss when it was over.  I didn’t even feel elated in the way I thought I might.  I just left.  Turned out the light in the classroom, walked down the hall to my office and turned off the computer, packed up my bag, walked to the parking lot and drove home.  Just like any other day.

Unlike any other day though, when I got home Toad and I picked up our first Bean-related purchase.  After months of research and conversations with folks, we are now the proud owners of…..

the BOB stroller.  I can’t say that I’m thrilled about the Ironman logo that will be lurking behind Bean’s legs,  but what can you do?  It’s a good stroller and Toad pointed out that the baby will probably cover it up.  We were both pretty pumped, but Toad was over-the-top about the whole thing.  I say this because at this moment (9 days post-purchase), the BOB is featured prominently in our living room.  We have a stroller in our living room bc my wife wants to look at it.  This is a woman who has every gift hung in the closet by 8:35 on Christmas morning.  The word clutter makes her a bit twitchy.  People say that babies change everything and this kid isn’t even here yet and it’s already true.  I would NEVER have predicted this.

The next big part of my week came on Friday when I drove to the mountains to meet T and six other hilarious women for a weekend of scrapping and talking and drinking.  I had a fabulous time.  It had been entirely too long since I’d seen T, so hanging out with her for the weekend would have been more than enough.  But not only did I get T, but I got hours and hours of time to play with pictures and paper and glitter while what amounted to a comedy routine went on all around me and people fed me and plied me with alcohol.  What can I say?  I know some good people.  After not having done any significant scrapping in months and months, I got 7 layouts finished.  THAT is big.  I don’t think I want a Cosmo anytime soon, but I hope they invite me back in the future.  That is my kind of getaway!


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