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I Might Have to Stay in this Condo for the Rest of My Life Thursday July 1, 2010

Filed under: Daily Life — The Professor @ 2:13 pm

I can’t imagine doing all of this again any time soon.  Moving is enough to kill a person.

Here is what I’ve been up to lately:

  • Thursday 6/17 – T and Miss B arrive at my house
  • Friday – Mom and Dad arrive at my house
  • Saturday – Toad’s family arrives; T & Les throw us a shower
  • Sunday – Fathers Day brunch; Everyone heads out-of-town
  • Monday – Movers arrive
  • Tuesday – Movers hit the road
  • Wednesday 6/22 – Professor drives to the new place
  • Thursday – The Professor paints the new place
  • Friday – Movers arrive
  • Saturday – Unpacking begins
  • Sunday 6/26 – Mom and Dad arrive to help
  • Monday – Unpacking
  • Tuesday – Unpacking
  • Wednesday – Unpacking; Mom and Dad head back home
  • Thursday – The Professor finally takes a deep breath; Toad and Baker arrive


One Response to “I Might Have to Stay in this Condo for the Rest of My Life”

  1. Wingnut Says:

    Ha! I moved into our house 20.5 years ago. The idea of moving again STILL terrifies me and makes me want to sit in a corner with a thumb in my mouth!

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