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Supta-Vajrasana AKA Fixed Firm Pose Friday July 23, 2010

Filed under: The Runner — The Professor @ 3:01 pm

For reasons that I do not understand, this pose is the scariest pose for me.  It has been that way from Day #1.  This is not to say that it is the most physically demanding, but that it is the most emotionally demanding.  I can feel the coming of this posture in my heart rate.  As the posture before it winds to a close, my heart starts racing.  Getting into this position puts my body into full-scale “I’m going to die!” panic.  This sounds (and is, I guess) dramatic, but my response is truly this strong.  I have to really trust, to get into this position.

What’s so odd about this, is that the pose looks like this:

It is not a pose that anyone warns you will be emotionally vulnerable.  There is no unprotected exposure of the jugular as in Ustrasana Camel Pose.

And there is certainly no dizzy, I’m going to topple to my mangled death unbalanced-ness that accompanies the back-bending portion of Half Moon.

So why does sitting with my tail btw my ankles and my feet pushed flat into the ground terrify me?  It is the weirdest thing.  The panic intensifies the more my feet flatten; that feels like the physical source of it.  I guess it will just be a mystery.  Or maybe, in a former life, I had some terrible experience involving breaking my feet.  You never know….. 😉


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