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The Third Week of July Wednesday July 28, 2010

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I’m running a little late this week, gotta get it down before I forget…

The major event of the week (one that I am sure not to forget) was our OB appt and subsequent scan.  It’s official.  Bean is breech.  Stubbornly, unlikely to turn, likely to require c-section, breech.  Lovely.  Surprisingly (at least to me), Toad is handling this news more gracefully than I.  Something about this pregnancy has lulled her into a go-with-the-flow, Type B kind of a vibe.  Me?  Not so much.  I’m still working the Type A pretty hard and I’m thinking this baby better start behaving.  Everyone in the know seems to think that I am unlikely to get what I want.  Let this parenting gig begin…

On Wednesday we met with our new attorney who will be guiding us through the 2nd parent adoption process.  I knew it was going to be a great match when two of her dogs greeted us at her office door.  The meeting just got better from there.  All three of us hit it off and by the time we left her office, we had a date.  Also….. she has two daughters who are prime babysitting age.  Score!

And the date that we had, was with this lady:

And yes, she was wearing leather pants when we saw her as well.  Somehow neither Toad nor I have ever seen Melissa Etheridge in concert, until our friendly local attorney invited us to dinner and a show.  Fun!  I wasn’t kidding when I said the people here are friendly.

The only activity of the week that did not bear some relationship with the baby was the movie Inception.  Humm….what to say about this movie?  Interesting.  Considerably better than Knight and Day.  If the structure and function of dreams is something you find compelling, you should probably see it.  After all, it does include these two:


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