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The Last Week in July Monday August 2, 2010

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This was Toad’s last week before THE JOB begins and it was also Old Home week at the new place.  Toad’s Mom came for the first part of the week and three of my favorite folks arrived on Friday for a long weekend.  Here’s a hint about our weekend visitors.  The trio included this little person:

First things first.  On Monday AM, Toad’s Mom got to town.  This visit began only a few days after she got one of her tonsils removed, so she was a pretty big trooper.  It was hard for her to eat much and her throat was pretty sore, but she told us that it was important that she get one last visit with us as daughters before we became Moms.  Between pregnant Toad and post-op Toad’s Mom, the visit was a little slower than it might otherwise have been, but we all enjoyed each other.  Our one big adventure was going to the botanical gardens.  It was hot as hell, but absolutely beautiful.  Here are some of the visual highlights:

I loved this place and am happy that we got a membership.  I think that once the baby gets here (and the weather turns cooler), that this will be a fabulous place to stroll.  Looking fwd to that.

Between the two visits we had to take care of some business.  In the month that we had to settle in, we managed to save many of the unsavory tasks for the last minute.  Surprise, surprise.  But at least we got them done.  We are both official residents of our new state, with the license, tags and registration to prove it.  We also picked up a few more pieces of work appropriate maternity wear for Toad.  This kind of shopping is not fun, but I think we are covered for the moment.

On Friday, our peeps arrived and we were so excited to see them.  It always feels good to spend time with T and it’s been almost a year since we have seen Z.  Entirely too long.  And then there is Miss B.  She is getting to be such a big girl.  They came with some great things to help us get ready for Bean and we kept Z pretty busy.  He installed car seat bases in both of our cars, put together a bassinet and a swing and helped Toad decorate a bit more in the nursery.

There was lots of talk of the baby and parenting and Bean prep was the unofficial theme of the visit.  Actually, Bean Prep is the official them of life at the moment.  Here in the ninth month, I am feeling ready to just get this kid here.  That doesn’t mean that I feel entirely ready (whatever that is), but I do feel ready to just get on with it.  I’ve had enough of thinking about it and wondering about it and now I would really just like to jump in to it and start finding out for myself.  As I write this, I know that it will all be here before I know it and then I’ll probably wish I had the time and energy to feel so eager.


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