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Little Boy Feet Tuesday September 14, 2010

Filed under: Daily Life — The Professor @ 7:28 pm

It was a loud day at our house today.  Toad was out of the house at various points and Bean was not pleased.  Not even a little bit.  Sometimes he has good days, sometimes…. not so much.  Today was definitely a “not so much”.  Surprisingly, Baker was my right hand man.  Of course, as a dog there isn’t a whole lot he could do, but he did as much as he was able.  When Bean geared up for a rampage, Baker stuck right by us, following me from room to room as we jostled and rocked and shushed.  No barking, no jockeys for attention, just solidarity.  We were together, trying to comfort our baby.

Baker is a good boy.


One Response to “Little Boy Feet”

  1. Leslie Says:

    What a sweet photo! I’m sorry that Bean was not the happy camper, but sounds like Baker was a star. Hoping that tomorrow will be a better day!

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