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The End of September Sunday October 3, 2010

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Life is humming along in an entirely new groove these days.  A groove that is dictated entirely by the little guy pictured above.  Although we have spent some time on the road visiting grandparents, most of the month has been spent getting ourselves into a rhythm.  And getting comfortable with how flexible we will have to be with the variability of that rhythm ;).

Most of the time, our September days have gone like this:

  1. Toad and Bean get up for the first “It’s Legitimately Morning” feeding – this could be anywhere btw 5 and 7
  2. Baker drags the Professor out of bed for an early morning stroll
  3. Coffee is brewed and “Staring at the Baby” commences – Bean is quite engaged and happy in the morning, so it’s hard to tear ourselves away long enough to do any chores
  4. Bean eats every 2.5 to 3 hours and these feedings are what actually create whatever rhythm there is for the day
  5. When we can work them in, we do other things like laundry and grocery shopping.
  6. At some point Toad goes for a run (sometimes pushing the baby jogger) or a ride
  7. At some different point the Professor hits the treadmill or the yoga mat
  8. In the late afternoon, the four of us get on the road for a family walk.  Bean is a terrific Bjorn passenger and as long as you’re moving, he’s happy.  If you’re not moving?  Game over.
  9. Bean and Toad settle in on the couch for a feeding and the Professor gets dinner together.
  10. Toad and the Professor quietly pray that Bean will agree to his Mommies sharing a quiet meal together.  Most of the time, he’s happy to snooze in his bouncy or play in his swing while we eat.  The rest of the time, someone eats while the other one jostles/shushes the baby.
  11. Everyone holds their breath and Toad swaddles Bean.  This is no friendly, lackadaisical swaddle.  This swaddle involves velcro.  On a good night, he submits and Bean and his Sleep Sheep snooze in the bassinet while his Mommies read/web surf/watch Project Runway for the 10 minutes they are able to stay awake.  On a bad night the time btw swaddling  and submission stretches out until we all fall asleep together.
  12. Throughout the night, Bean and Toad (AKA Mommy Rock Star) wake up for feeding, diaper changing and rocking back to sleep.
  13. Rinse and repeat.

One Response to “The End of September”

  1. Tess Says:

    Sounds like you’ve slid into a pretty normal routine. :o)

    Miss the HELL out of all of you!

    Love you!

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