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The First Week of October Monday October 11, 2010

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This was the last week of Toad’s maternity leave, which made it a week that was both special and sad.  Sharing these eight weeks together has been such a tremendous blessing.  I just can’t say that enough.

The week was a bit of a transition as Toad spent a few half days at work interviewing Fellows and even going to lunch with the applicants.  This was a good opportunity for all of us to dip our toes in the water of what will soon be the new normal.  Unfortunately Bean wasn’t thrilled that we expected him to eat from a bottle.  The nerve!!!  His reaction to this expectation was pretty unsettling.  There were lots of “what’s going to happen next week?” conversations.

Bean had his next check-up with Dr. Wonderful and it was a BIG visit.  The first big news was that our tiny Bean has grown to a whopping 9 lbs,  9 ozs and 22 inches long.  The next thing was a bit more traumatic.  Bean had his first round of shots.  The whole thing involved three injections (on his tiny little thighs) , one oral injection, one screaming red-faced Bean and two cringing Mommies.  Man.  It was as hard as everyone says it is.  Happily we were able to calm him down quickly with big family hugs.  At least we got that behind us.

Here’s a Bean picture update.  I had no idea that my wife was a clothes horse until this baby was born.  She is OBSESSED with buying cute clothes on ebay.  Although I keep telling her that Bean isn’t big enough to wear actual pants, let alone overalls, she cannot be stopped.  Exhibit A:

I got in a good yoga class late in the week and Toad got on her bike for her first big post-Bean ride with the guys on Saturday morning.  The girl went 50 miles!  Yeah, she amazes me.  That was pretty much the week.  Next week I’ll have my first day on the job as SAHM.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


2 Responses to “The First Week of October”

  1. Rosie Says:

    Hi! Great pictures. Thanks for the recipe, too!

  2. Wingnut Says:

    I had a thing for overalls when my kids were babies too. 🙂

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