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The Second Week in October Tuesday October 19, 2010

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That is the biggest news around here for the week.  Toad began the transition back to work and I managed to keep both myself and Bean alive during my first week as SAHM.  Attending to Bean is quite different than dealing with unmotivated college students and crazy colleagues.  Different in a good way.

I experienced MAJOR bottle anxiety in the days leading up to what I rather obsessively thought of as “Go Day“, but I arranged the boy for his first bottle feeding on Monday morning and he went for it.  Hooray!  He continues to make it clear that he has very little love for the bottle, but we made it through the entire week without insurmountable objection.  That is an achievement in my book.  Bean spent the workweek going on walks with Baker in the sling (which he ADORES), playing in the swing, taking naps in his crib (Woot!  Woot!), taking the bottle like a (somewhat reluctant) champ, and rocking through the tears with his Momma.  Although he’s still not getting as much sleep as this lady says he should be, he’s certainly getting more than he had been getting.  During naps when I wasn’t serving as Bean’s paci police or doing chores, I was preparing for this.  Yup!  I’m doing it.  After reading about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) since about this time last year, I’ve decided to do it.  Somehow, I will be writing a novel this November.  I’m mentioning it here for accountability reasons.  If you say it out loud, it’s true, right?!  More on that later.

During our first week together, Bean and I had two major outings.  The first and most exciting is pictured below:

Yup, on Wednesday we packed ourselves up and met Toad for lunch.  Actually, only Bean had lunch but it was lots of fun to see her and show him off to the work set.  On our second trip we went Krogering.  He was happy to sleep/look around from the comfort of his sling while I took care of a little business.

By Friday evening we were exhausted, but looking forward to the weekend.  On Saturday night, we went downtown for a Halloween 10k/costume party.  In my hurry to get all of our stuff together I forgot the camera (BIG disappointment), but the race/party was something to see.  And bc I have to brag about my peeps, the little guy you see below was the first male through the finish line.  You heard that right.  My wife pushed a stroller and took first place overall.  She would tell you that it mas more of a fun race than a competitive event (many of the runners were costumed after all), but I still think it’s pretty cool.

We went to church on Sunday morning and made it through the entire service thanks to a little support from a new friend.  On the first Sunday we brought Bean, we met another couple with a  6 mo old little girl.  It turns out that the Dad is a serious cyclist (he actually offered to set Toad’s bike back up) and we have some things in common with the couple.  They sat with us this Sunday and when Bean started to fuss (he was hungry), she encouraged Toad to just feed him right there in the pew.  Happily, she did and we were able to stay for the whole thing and we were glad we did.  The talk was a good one.

Later that afternoon, we headed to the pumpkin patch.  Bean slept through the entire trip, but I bet he’ll have lots of fun next year!


One Response to “The Second Week in October”

  1. Lizz Says:

    Awww, these pics are making me miss when my Max was teeny tiny! Bean will get the sleeping thing down eventually… never fear!

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